Is The Full English a gay site?

Our models are typically straight, and The Full English was created essentially because there are so many straight guys wanting to get into the adult industry and very few outlets for them to do so. As most hetero sites fixate mainly on the female performers, the guys often become merely low-paid extras. Most of the websites on offer to male models have strong gay themes or are geared to gay-for-pay thus alienating alot of amazing talent that simply goes unseen. It's actually quite a tough life for straight male actors.

Could I become a Full English model?

We're always happy to hear from guys 18+ (or older for My Best Friend's Dad!) that are considering an adult modelling career or simply wanting to satisfy their inner exhibitionist. It's certainly not for everyone, and we pride ourselves on making sure you fully understand the ups and downs before we sign you. If you still feel you might fit The Full English family, head over to our Contact Us page, drop Alex a message, and let's get the ball rolling. 

How often do you update?

We're a small dedicated outfit working 7 days (and often nights) a week to supply our two sites with high quality content. We suggest taking a look at the Updates page to get an idea of our schedule.

Can I download the videos?

We spent many years offering our videos as downloads. We also spent many years chasing the pirates who were illegally sharing our work. Eventually, a small minority spoilt it for the majority of our honest members. So right now we're focused on delivering a great streaming service. This is by no means a cost-saver for us – it actually costs us much more to impliment streams than downloads. It does however, benefit our models: giving them a degree of privacy they wouldn't have when being 'downloaded' – and shared on public tube sites. And if our models feel happy and secure enough to continue performing for you, that can only be a good thing, yes?

Can I use the same login for both your sites?

Yes indeed. Once you have signed up to The Full English, you can use your login details at My Best Friend's Dad (or vice versa!).

What format are the videos?

Our videos are H264 mp4; viewable on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. They are streamed in four selectable quality formats to suit available connection speeds: 

  • 1080p Full HD for excellent connection 
  • 720p HD for good connection
  • 360p SD for poor connection and 4G 
  • 224p SD for 3G mobile 

The stream is automatically selected when your connection speed is established, and will adapt if it senses a higher speed. On Chrome, IE, and Firefox you can manually override this automation by selecting your own choice. To maximise your connection our CDN (Content Delivery Network) ensures that the media is delivered to your device from a server location nearest to where you are in the world.

What browsers are supported?

IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome. Apple (ios 5+) and 4+ Android mobile devices.

How can I ensure I'm watching the HD version of the video?

On Chrome, IE, and Firefox, hover over the HD label on the player and make sure you have selected the highest possible stream rate, 1080p. Safari users don't have this direct option, but the player will automatically select 1080p if your connection is fast enough.

I'm having problems seeing or playing the videos on my device, what can I do?

We use a industry-leading CDN (Content Delivery Network) to stream the videos. This means that the videos are sent from a server that is geographically nearest to you in the world, to minimise connection errors and dropouts. They are genuine streams that don't need to be downloaded before playing, and can be played from any point in the video. 

  1. Ensure that your browser is accepting cookies for this site. A quick Google search for 'Enable Cookies on [browser name]' will give you the instructions you need to do this.
  2. Some browsers still require Flash to play our video content. Check that Flash is enabled for your browser here.
  3. Check your connection speed and/or network. Our videos will play over 3G, 4G, Broadband/WiFi +, and will adjust automatically for the available bit-rate.
  4. Check whether you are connecting from behind a corporate firewall, VPN, or a proxy server. All these can cause videos to fail.
  5. Ensure that Javascript is enabled in your browser. A quick Google search for 'Enable Javascript on [browser name]' will give you the instructions you need to do this.
  6. Clear your cache and cookies.There could be something saved in your cache or browser data that's causing your video problem. Note: Keep in mind that clearing your cache and cookies erases your settings such as stored passwords and images for websites. A quick Google search for 'Clear browser cache and cookies on [browser name]' will give you the instructions you need to do this.
  7. Close all programs that you are not using. Playing video in your browser puts hardware and software demands on your device. If other intensive applications are open, your computer or mobile device may not be able to stream video as quickly as your internet connection would allow. Video games and programs that use the internet can be especially processor-heavy, even if you are not actively using them.
  8. There is a known issue that will prevent the videos from playing on Mac OSX and iOS in 'Private' browsing mode. Make sure you turn Private browsing off to ensure the videos play correctly. This is an Apple system-level setting that we cannot automatically override.
  9. Try to avoid using beta or pre-release versions of operating systems as we can't offer technical support for these.
  10. The Apple iOS 10 update contains a bug that is currently preventing mobile devices playing the videos. This is a documented bug that Apple has been requested to fix. Until they do, we are asking Apple mobile device users not to update to iOS 10 if they wish to view the videos on their iOS devices. This bug does not affect desktop OSX – including the latest update OSX Sierra.

If after checking all these you're still having problems, please contact us directly using the Contact Us page, or email us directly at admin @ thefullenglish . net (join the spaces!) and we'll be happy to offer our help.

I have questions regarding the payment and membership system. Who deals with that?

Our membership platform and payment processor is CCBill. In the first case, you should contact them via their support link on the Join page. If you're having trouble logging-in to the site you can also contact us directly, using either the Contact Us page or by emailing admin @ thefullenglish . net (join the spaces!) and we'll try to help out asap.

I've contacted you by email; why haven't you replied?

If you have an email account with AOL or Comcast / Xfinity we have certainly tried, but often have our replies blocked, or returned. Try adding our email address to your 'trusted' list of these accounts. Our email addresses are certainly not blacklisted, so if you are still not receiving a reply the fault is with these companies' receiving policy, and you'll have to try contacting us via a different email address. 


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