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HD Films

All our films are 1080p HD comprising interviews and sexually explicit scenes served in streaming format.

We edit and colour-grade the films in-house, and then optimise them for smooth streaming using an industry-grade Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensuring it is delivered from a server nearest to your location, maximising your connection speed.

Hi-Res Stills

Our original aim was just to create beautiful photographs; and we still believe in the power of professionally lit portraiture.

Although we’ve been steadily adding movies to our portfolio since 2010, all our images are still shot as their own entity – in raw format – and are never just frame grabs from the video. Much care and often many late nights go into creating a well balanced and colour-graded image set of hi-res images.

Candid Insights

Call us old fashioned, but we believe strongly in placing our models’ best interests ahead of pure commercial gain and a fast buck.

We genuinely care about their welfare and work hard with them to build a trusted working relationship. Maybe that’s the secret ingredient that gives you such a candid peek into lives that would otherwise be off-limits: you’re seeing real guys’ lives – in real situations.


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