This is not the first time that personal trainer Frankie (named Francis at birth, which he absolutely hates) has modelled nude. He fell into this industry quite by accident recently and admits his main motivation is to make money. 

Frankie is the quintessential metrosexual boy. Aside from a gym-perfect body he is always immaculately turned out with a salon-fresh haircut and a top-to-toe tan. He loves nothing more than shopping and planning holidays – he already has three booked this year. 

Frankie's clothes are expensive and his feet are perfectly manicured which he explains is down to some early advice from his mother. She taught him to search out the girls with well groomed feet as they were more likely to take care of the rest of their bodies too!

Frankie's colourful father also gave his son some very handy tips on how to treat the opposite sex albeit in a less orthodox way. He ran a string of successful nightclubs and would allow the twelve-year-old Francis to sit in on the showgirl/pole dancer auditions which were eye-popping to say the least for the young lad. He would go on to lose his V-plates quickly thereafter and furthermore he took great delight in being dubbed 'the man-slag' amongst his schoolmates.

Frankie expresses the sentiments of many a young gym bunny/Instagram model: paid assignments go hand-in-hand with the physical rewards of five nights a week of gruelling gym sessions. He has what you would call a fuck-ready body and he certainly lived up to his reputation when he stayed down South for the night. After the shoot with us he had half-a-dozen girls on his dating app offering to meet him in the hotel room we had provided...

Frankie Chat

September 8, 2019 00:48
One last chat from Frankie and we watch him rinse those tan lines...

Blind Date

August 18, 2019 12:51
The sight of Frankie the PT having sex with Daisy is a feast for the eyes...

Extra Frankie

April 20, 2019 10:51
A ringside seat as young Francis tries his best to open up for the first time.

Frankie's Trip

March 16, 2019 00:56
A touching story and a red hot solo from PT and fitness model Francis.

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