Josh contacted us a few weeks ago about modelling, and working with older female models in particular. He seemed very mature for his age, in fact the conversation we had was so sophisticated that we couldn't be sure he wasn't a hoax caller (we get lots of those) and so we insisted we simply meet up for a coffee before we made any plans to work together.

We can now confirm that this 20 year-old lad is as bright as a button. Josh went to a very posh school and has worked in private sports tuition as a hobby for many years. He's used to working with people of all ages which has made him very socially confident and more recently a couple of 'mums' have come onto him which has sent his ego soaring.

Ego is important to Josh as he admits he was a very overweight child and was used to constant teasing at school. He has spent several years of intense and mentally exhausting training to finally be the shape he's proud of. This surely has to be one of the contributory factors as to why he's here with us today but Josh insists it's just because he's a very horny young man.

His first film is actually our second meet and it's a very sexy and stiff reveal but not the full solo yet. Josh wants to dive straight in at MILF level next...

Just Good Friends

February 15, 2020 20:33
A film for Valentine's weekend – a very modern whirlwind romance, Josh style.

Woodland Friends

January 17, 2020 00:06
We join young Josh and his f**k buddy at their regular woodland spot

Dead Arm Blues

September 14, 2019 15:54
After his last outdoor solo we make an attempt at something more cosy, straight after work.

Josh's Progress

July 6, 2019 06:55
Precocious Josh gives us the full english at last in his favourite woodland spot.

Introducing Josh

June 8, 2019 11:13
This precocious lad we call posh Josh and he can't wait to work with some MILF models..

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