Russell admits he was a pain-in-the-arse kid at school, the type that hurls stuff at teachers, and was virtually pushed into the Armed Forces at a young age by his parents to knock him into shape.

After some gruelling years he has quit military life and is now a health and fitness advocate, helping many people establish, as he puts it: 'a brand new being'. 

Twenty-eight-year-old Russell is no-nonsense type of a bloke whose abrupt manner isn't everyone's cup of tea but has clearly helped him become your classic self-contained, self-motivated man. He’s made personal training and his own private gym the centre of his life and he is much respected – in some cases adored – by his client base. In fact Russell was recommended to us by a reader who has secretly admired this handsome PT from a distance for quite some time!

This single father of one loves all kinds of women and hasn't got a particular type he prefers, as long they take care of their bodies of course. Russell is not in a particular rush to find a permanent girlfriend either; he says he already feels lucky enough being self-employed, doing the work he loves the most and in full control of his destiny. 

The Love Bug

October 5, 2019 17:17
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Russell's Lunch Break

August 3, 2019 19:44
New film: we're straight back to Russell's neck of the woods because we can't get enough of him.

Meet Russell

July 20, 2019 18:53
Gym lover Russell gives us a truly personal training session.

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