Blind Date

Frankie is just back from a four-day break in one of Spain's most exclusive spots. He stayed in a hotel where the guests are warned to expect non-stop action and disturbance – they mean no families please – and he and his buddies had no problem with that. The hotel was full of gorgeous girls and our gym-fit muscle boy seems to have made use of every minute he spent there: four nights, three women!

In bringing Daisy and Frankie together we finally get a chance to see our young personal trainer in action. It's never easy to ask two people to start having sex fifteen minutes after meeting each other but that's precisely what we are observing here. Frankie is usually quite dominant in the bedroom but we ask him to submit to Daisy for the beginning of the session.

Frankie's body is as toned as ever as he relentlessly works out and seeks perfection and he is therefore irritated at a slight peeling on his right shoulder from the intense few days of sunbathing (nice tanlines) but for us it's always fun shooting an easy-on-the-eye commercial tanned model for a change. 

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