Dead Arm Blues

We had a little wobble a few weeks ago when we suddenly thought that eccentric model Josh might have Aspergers syndrome. This particularly bright and hyperactive boy clearly has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and although these conditions seem so normal these days – many of us have friends who are on the spectrum  – it did leave us wondering what position it would put us in shooting him in adult material; and never mind the fact that Josh had contacted us for work.

Josh has subsequently told us that he has been tested for the aforementioned conditions, plus ADHD, long ago and had got the all-clear. Josh added: "There's nothing wrong with me, I'm just mad..." (his words!)

This on-the-hoof shoot after work was intended to finally give Josh the opportunity to sprawl out and relax indoors for a change but after a lunchtime gym session with his work colleagues his arms were in agony which consequently made for an agonising solo attempt. It's great however getting to see his tootsies at last and hearing some funny stories about his blatant nudity at home.

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