Just Good Friends

Josh and Willow present a very modern kind of relationship. The pair met online about a month ago and have started seeing each other (in the flesh) this past week. They air their thoughts on internet swinging versus internet dating and why starting out on a sexual journey and then finding friendship was better for them.

The two 20-year-olds giggle and tease one another rather like a brother and sister and admit they click because they are both really nerdy. They then go on to list their favourite Disney movies. Josh can't help mentioning his other best film, the Winnie the Pooh movie, and he swears he is literally (sic) the embodiment of Tigger.

Another sweet moment comes halfway through the film when Willow takes a Facetime call from her girlfriends as they check to see how she is and inevitably hoot with laughter at their naked liberated pal. No secrets and certainly no judgement. The young lovers also have sex of course, and Willow wants to point out that the bruises on her breasts are Josh's love bites from the previous day's sex session.

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