Lockdown Discovery: Jay

Published June 27, 2020
We get to know lockdown discovery Jay in the flesh at his local park.

Meet Kurtis

Published January 7, 2009
Updated June 13, 2020
Photographs: Kurtis looked barely out of nappies for his first web shoot many moons ago.

When Paul Met Ella

Published August 7, 2008
Updated May 29, 2020
Photographs: Pauls first hardcore shoot in 2008 was also our first attempt at shooting one.

Introducing Paul

Published October 12, 2008
Updated May 24, 2020
Photographs: Back to our first meet with industry favourite Paul in 2008!


Published January 3, 2009
Updated May 17, 2020
Photographs: back to 2009 to meet shy photographic sports model Charlton.